Aigües de Mataró – Virtual office

The Project

Digital Transformation of the Water Management Service: Aigues de Mataró Virtual Office

We are pleased to share the result of an exceptional collaboration between Aigües de Mataró’s internal programming team and our team. We present an innovative solution: the Virtual Office, designed to improve your clients’ experience and optimize internal operations.

Our platform offers Aigües de Mataró water service customers a complete range of intuitive functionalities. Now they can pay bills safely and easily, access information about their consumption, manage incidents and request meter registrations, among many other available options. Convenience and transparency are fundamental pillars of this solution.

In addition to providing exceptional service to users, the Virtual Office has also transformed the internal management of Aigües de Mataró. Through automated controls, efficient processes, and real-time data analysis, our team has enabled the company to proactively address leaks and other issues. The statistics generated have provided valuable information for strategic decision making and resource optimization.

Together, we have achieved an important milestone on the path to service excellence and technological innovation. The Aigües de Mataró Virtual Office is a powerful tool that improves the quality of life of its users and sets new standards. We are excited to share this cutting-edge solution with all of you.

Implemented technology

External API services