Alttion – Human resources management

The Project

We present our collaboration with Alttion, a leading company in the management of large-scale construction projects worldwide. We have developed a powerful intranet and a mobile application that allow you to efficiently manage the resources assigned to each project and control work hours, providing valuable data to the Human Resources department.

Our intranet offers a centralized platform to assign resources to projects, optimizing planning and execution. Furthermore, accurate monitoring of hours worked provides reliable and important results for performance analysis and strategic decision making.

The mobile application has been specifically designed so that construction managers can enter data directly from the workplace, improving accuracy and efficiency in information collection.

With this innovative solution, we have managed to enhance Alttion’s project management, providing greater transparency, optimizing resources and facilitating decision making based on real data.

We are delighted to have contributed to Alttion’s digital transformation and look forward to continuing to collaborate on future projects.

Implemented technology

Android SDK