The project

Introducing our most recent collaboration with Gustelería! At, we have created an innovative suite to transform the restaurant dining experience. Our platform offers the generation of digital menus with QR codes, an online reservation service and an option to request the bill virtually.

We use advanced technologies such as AI, HTML, CSS3 and PHP to power these solutions. Our tool provides restaurants with the ability to offer their customers the freedom to request the check from their mobile devices, eliminating unnecessary waits. In addition, we enable the receipt of online reservation requests, all integrated into a centralized system.

Our Digital Menu solution allows the creation and personalization of restaurant menus, in one language and with AI translating it into 180 languages, and is presented to customers through a simple scan of the QR code from their mobile devices.

We are excited to collaborate with Gustelería to provide technological solutions that will propel restaurants towards modernity and excellence in service, offering customers a unique dining experience.

Implemented technology